Drama on Newstalk: The Blood of Squirrels

Three couples find themselves thrown together in a holiday camp in France...

As part of the Drama on Newstalk season, producer Dónal Ó Donnabháin and director Tristan Rosenstock are proud to bring The Blood of Squirrels by Gabriel Rosenstock to the airwaves.

Originally broadcast in September 2016, this is a second chance for listeners to hear this original radio drama.

Broadcast time: Bank Holiday Monday 5th June 2017 at 6pm. 

The Blood of Squirrels is a 45-minute radio play exploring degrees of attraction and detraction experienced by three couples in their 40s who find themselves thrown together in a holiday camp in  France. The Galway couple are latter-day Druids. Their daughter is an apprentice Druid. Another couple comes from Dublin 4 and the ancient ways practiced by the Druids repel the man, while the woman is seduced by the mystic elements. The last couple are an Englishman and a Cork woman. There is magic in the air, literally, and suspense intensifies as we try to figure out how benign or otherwise this magic actually is.

Dramatic tension rises and falls and dry humour shares the stage with bloody druidic rituals. These rituals create an ambience which allows for a questioning of reality and identity. While the three couples feel like they will have little in common, we see them gradually realise that each of them has much to learn about old methods and ways, and in some cases they are in dire need of holistic help. Whether an herbal cure for a mosquito bite, or a virility boost, we hear the characters display a sincere curiosity about natural and alternative druidic healing methods.

But at the heart of the play are relationships; relationships between each of the married couples, between all three couples, and characters having their true colours revealed to them. Infidelity also occurs with all three couples living in close proximity. But something more revealing is taking place; the encounter is not simply a physical one.

Broadcast time: Bank Holiday Monday 5th June 2017 at 6pm. 

The Blood of Squirrels’ was originally broadcast on Newstalk 106-108fm on Saturday September 12th at 7am. Repeated Saturday September 12th at 10pm.

‘The Blood of Squirrels’was written by Gabriel Rosenstock, directed by Tristan Rosenstock and produced by Dónal Ó Donnabháin. The programme was funded with the TV License fee via the Sound and Vision Scheme, a BAI Initiative.



Marcus Lamb played Colm

Emer O'Carroll played Bríd

Clodagh Smith played Lasairfhiona

Patrick O'Donnell played Ken

Melissa Nolan played Emma

Cathal Quinn played Alan

Sinead O Riordan played Laura


Podcast available at: www.newstalk.com/documentaryonnewstalk after the broadcast.