Dr Mary McCreery: 'The anti-sugar movement is just a fad'

The dietician spoke with Ciara Kelly on High Noon today about what she perceives as an obsession we have with cutting sugar from our diets

'Even Corn Flakes has a wide range of nutrients.'

So says Dr Mary McCreery, Consultant Clinical Dietician at Blackrock Clinic, as she remains skeptical about just how much we talk about ridding our diets of sugar.

According to research by Public Health England, children are taking half their daily sugar intake before school.

They have been warning parents not to have children start their days with sugary food.

The study, based on the annual National Diet and Nurtrition found that on average children have the equivalent of three cubes – about 11g – of sugar before they go to school, mainly in sugary cereals, drinks and spreads. Despite this, researchers found that eight out of 10 parents believed their children’s breakfast was healthy.

The recommended maximum daily sugar intake for four- to six-year-olds is five cubes of sugar, and for seven- to 10-year-olds it is six cubes.

Are our kids eating too much sugar? Dr McCreery doesn't necessarily think so. Listen to the interview in full by clicking below.