Dr Christine O'Malley on Ireland's trolley crisis: 'It's a failure of policy, not a lack of funds'

Dr O'Malley joined George Hook on High Noon today to discuss the latest trolley figures, released this morning.

As of Wednesday morning, there were at least 602 patients on trolleys, with the situation reported to be likely to worsen.

Minister for Health Simon Harris has said that the flu outbreak in Ireland, which he said had caused a bump in patients being on trolleys, could not be foreseen.

Consultant geriatrician, and former IMO President Dr Christine O'Malley, told George that she was worried by the Minister's comments, and isn't sure that the present Government fully understands the crisis at hand.

In fact, the comments, in Christine's view, unfortunately back up concerns she had around the time the Health budget came out, when she expressed her worry that not enough money was being put towards putting beds in hospitals.

'A minimum of 1,000 beds are needed immediately to fill that gap of over 600, but realistically, we probably need 2,000 beds ultimately.'

She went on to also tell George about her experience of previous Governments, as they tried to deal with health crises.

You can listen to the full interview below.