Down to Business: "I used to pay Louis Walsh £3 to print posters"

Showbiz extraordinaire, Carol Hanna is in the Executive Chair this week

This week on Down to Business Bobby meets Carol Hanna, Managing Director of Carol and Associates. 

There's no business like showbusiness and few people know it as well as Carol Hanna. She began her career in the showband days and went on to work with the likes of Linda Martin and Johnny Logan during their Eurovision wins. She was also in the room when Boyzone was formed. 

She will join Bobby this Saturday from 10 in our Executive Chair and tell us what it takes to last in the industry for more than 50 years. 

Is the physical photo making a comeback? We'll look at those who work to bring your images from the phone to the wall in our Industry Review. 

We'll also meet multi-award-winning designer Chupi Sweetman in her jewellery workshop. Bobby learns what it takes to make the perfect piece of jewellery and finds out what Chupi learned from being homeschooled. 

The team behind 'Glissed' will be in studio to talk about bringing the beauty salon to you and Ger Herbert will be in to answer your motoring questions. 

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