Donald Trump responds with fury to Alex Salmond claim he is "three times a loser"

Trump has recently lost his third and final stage of his battle to stop an offshore windfarm being built near his Scottish golf course

Donald Trump responds with fury to Alex Salmond claim he is "three times a loser"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium. Image: Charlie Neibergall / AP/Press Association Images

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has reacted with fury to comments from Alex Salmond that he is "three times a loser".

The Scottish National Party's foreign affairs spokesman made the remarks after learning Mr Trump had lost the third and final stage of his battle to stop an offshore wind farm being built near his Scottish golf course.

A spokesman from The Trump Organisation responded to Mr Salmond's "loser" taunt with a statement saying: "Does anyone care what this man thinks? He's a has-been and totally irrelevant.

"He should go back to doing what he does best - unveiling pompous portraits of himself that pander to his already overinflated ego."

Meanwhile, Mr Trump received a stern rebuke from David Cameron in the Commons, with the PM calling the American billionaire's recent comments about banning Muslims from entering the United States "divisive, stupid and wrong".

Mr Cameron indicated that he did not agree with a petition to ban Mr Trump from entering Britain, but did say: "I think if he came to our country he would unite us all against him." 

The war of words with Mr Salmond, a former First Minister of Scotland, erupted after the Trump Organisation lost its court battle over the wind turbines being built near his golf course.

It had argued they would spoil the view from the the links at Menie Estate in Balmedie and threatened to halt further development of his project if the scheme went ahead.

But a panel of judges sided with Scottish government ministers, who in 2013 approved the 11-turbine scheme off the Aberdeenshire coast.

The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) project predicts the venture will provide enough electricity to power 68,000 UK households over a year.

Speaking after the ruling, Mr Salmond accused Mr Trump of damaging Scotland's economy with his "unacceptable behaviour", saying the billionaire had "at best postponed and at worst jeopardised" the £200m economic benefits from the wind farm project.

The MP said: "As First Minister, I was cited in Trump's legal action. Now that it is concluded, I am free to speak my mind on the damaging impact of his interventions on the Scottish economy.

"First, he has failed to meet the claims he made for the Menie estate golf complex.

"He has created a fine golf course but it does not even have a permanent clubhouse at present, far less the claims of thousands of jobs and billions of investment.

"He has submitted further plans this year but we are now seven years into the project with very slow progress.

"Second, by his unacceptable behaviour he has condemned Turnberry, one of the outstanding golf courses on the planet, and the scene of two of the greatest Open Championships since the war, to Open Championship oblivion."

The Trump Organisation responded to Mr Salmond's claim saying: "The fact that he doesn't even know what's going on in his own constituency says it all. We have a permanent clubhouse and the business is flourishing."

It says it will evaluate the court's decision and "continue to fight" the wind farm proposal.