Does your iPhone 6 have 'touch disease'?

A group taking legal action against Apple are looking for those impacted

If you're the owner of an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus that has inexplicably stopped working, it may well have "touch disease". This is an unspecified problem that impacts a large number of users. It's when the screen becomes unresponsive and a grey bar appears at the top of the screen. This disease is, sadly, fatal. 

According to some iPhone owners impacted by this problem, Apple are not responding adequately and so they have opted to file a lawsuit against them. As it stands, there's three plaintiffs involved in the case, but they are hoping to increase that number to a class action status. 

iFixit last week claimed that the issue is as a result of a design flaw, which was also the reason for "Bendgate". The structure of the device may well be the reason the touchscreen chip is coming lose. 

The complaint, filed in California’s Northern District federal court, alleges that Apple knows about the design flaw, has concealed it and is refusing to acknowledge or repair it.  

The plaintiffs are being represented by the law firm McCuneWright, and they’re clearly seeking to expand the suit to anyone who bought one of the affected phones.