Documentary On Newstalk: No Roses Round My Cottage

Second chance to hear this unmissable new radio documentary exploring the lives of women during the Troubles


In No Roses Round My Cottage, International award-winning producer Nuala Macklin puts the spotlight on four remarkable women from Northern Ireland who played an unnoticed but key role in hauling the Province back to a point of peace.

Originally broadcast in late 2016 to much acclaim, the documentary will be repeated on Newstalk this Saturday 25th February at 7am, and again at 11pm.

When it came to the signing of the Proclamation in 1916, our historians were very busy doing a bit of airbrushing. They conveniently left out the vital role played by the 200 or so Irish women who fought alongside the men. One hundred years on and this has happened again with n'ere a mention of the women's part in hauling Northern Ireland to a point of peace. 

The wrongly-perceived 'passive' role and major contribution made by the womenfolk of Ulster throughout three decades of conflict has gone virtually unnoticed. Far from being passive, while the troubles played out it was the strength of character of the women who held the line throughout the violence and political mayhem;  all the while protecting their families and communities. Giving the 30,000 mostly men who served time in prison - something to come home to.

In No Roses Round My Cottage, International award-winning producer Nuala Macklin illustrates the reality of life as it was then, for four ordinary - yet remarkable Irish women who forged a challenging path through the Northern Ireland Troubles. Their stories are moving, awe-inspiring and sometimes... downright funny! The women represent what was typical for so many women whose men served time in detention and represent the Civil Rights Movement, the UDA(Ulster Defence Regiment), UVF(Ulster Volunteer Force), and the Nationalist/Republican sector.


BROADCAST TIMES: No Roses Round My Cottage will be broadcast on Newstalk 106-108FM on Saturday February 25th 2017 at 7am, repeated at 11pm

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CREDITS: No Roses Round My Cottage was produced, presented and edited by Nuala Macklin. The Sound Editor was Sean Byrne. The programme was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, with the Television License Fee 

ORIGINAL BROADCAST DATE: Originally Broadcast on December 3rd 2016,