Documentary On Newstalk: Marching On

Producer Patricia Baker explores a lost chapter of our National heritage, as she follows the restoration of Richmond Barracks in Dublin's Inchicore

This week, continuing our Summer Season of Documentary on Newstalk, Producer Patricia Baker explores the story of the restoration of Richmond Barracks, whose 200-year history encapsulates the complex history of the Irish State, in: “Marching On”.

A slum in Dublin since the 1920s, the location that makes up St Michael’s Estate in Inchicore has a long and troubled history. Strangely, in the centre of this estate lay a derelict military barracks, Richmond Barracks, whose 200-year history encapsulates the complex history of the Irish State. Richmond Barracks holds memories of the British colonial era, and the struggle for Irish independence. It was here that 3,000 people, 77 of them women, who had taken part in the Easter Rising were held and sorted, and where the death sentences of the leaders was pronounced. This is a lost chapter of our National heritage.

Richmond Barracks also speaks to the history of working class Dublin families who lived under the shadow of its stone walls.

Marching On  is the story the restoration of Richmond Barracks, a Dublin City Council Community Partnership project for the 1916 centenary. Marching On follows this project that commemorates the heritage of Richmond Barracks as the lost chapter of our history, with its forgotten stories of soldiers, prisoners and families that lived within and around the barracks. Marching On traces the many stages of Richmond Barracks from military barracks, to a Christian Brothers School, from Keogh’s Square and St. Michael’s Estate. At its heart are the voices of the people living in the community of St Michael’s Estate who have fought for decades to rebuild their neighbourhood from a deteriorating place to a place of pride.

BROADCAST TIMES: Marching On will air on Newstalk 106-108fm on Saturday 2nd July at 7am, and will be repeated at 10pm.

BROADCAST DETAILS: Marching On is part of the Summer season of Documentary On Newstalk 

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Marching On was produced, presented and edited by Patricia Baker, Editor and final mix by Gerry Horan of Contact Studio

Quotes From Marching On:

You look back good few of those I grew up with are now dead, generations now dead because of drugs. It is hard to comprehend same age as myself and they are in that grave best part of 20 years.

Ann Marie Brennan

People would say the towers were streets in the sky and they wanted to come back to the ground. Irish people are of the land and they wanted to go back and live in houses on the ground

Rita Fagan

Well you could also say those who do not know their past are doomed to repeat it for ever. We saw this as important history, history is important particularly working class history because what it does is make visible what is invisible.

Sister Joe Kenndy

You cannot understand your own life without understanding history. The history we are taught is the history of the ruling classes and the political elite, very few women, except the exceptional. To see these ordinary working class women doing something powerful, this legacy will be powerful.

Mary McAuliffe

The project is not only interest in the people who died for Ireland but the people who lived for Ireland and who lived there...the military history and the social history are fascinating. ……

Éadaoin Ní Chléirigh