Disclosures Tribunal: Williams says long calls with O'Sullivan related to his personal security

The crime journalist says he was never negatively briefed about Maurice McCabe

Disclosures Tribunal: Williams says long calls with O'Sullivan related to his personal security

Crime journalist Paul Williams leaving the Disclosures Tribunal at Dublin Castle, 12-06-2018. Image: Leah Farrell/RollingNews

Updated 17.20

Two of the most well known crime journalists in the country have denied ever being negatively briefed by former Commissioners Noirin O’Sullivan and Martin Callinan – and Superintendent Dave Taylor.

Paul Reynolds from RTÉ rejected Supt Taylor’s suggestion that he could’ve ever been briefed at a crime scene – saying it didn’t make sense.

Earlier, Paul Williams said he was never negatively briefed either.

Addressing the Tribunal today, Mr Williams said he was very concerned for the safety of his family in February 2014.

He said there were a lot of security issues and he was concerned there were going to be further reductions to his security provided by the gardaí.

Mr Williams said two long calls he had with Nóirín O’Sullivan at that time related to the security issue - which he believed he got resolved - and not Maurice McCabe.

In what was his second appearance before the Disclosures Tribunal, Mr Williams again confirmed he never received a negative briefing about Sgt McCabe from former Commissioners O’Sullivan, Martin Callinan or Superintendent Dave Taylor.

The former Press Officer has claimed that he spoke to Mr Williams before the journalist interviewed Ms D – who had accused Sergeant McCabe of abuse eight years previously and for which the DPP directed no prosecution.

Mr Williams said he was never directed to go down to Cavan by Supt Taylor.

He said he got 'eviscerated' on social media and by colleagues saying he was part of a smear campaign – but that he was in Ms D’s house at her request without prior discussion with Supt Taylor.

Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds leaving the Disclosures Tribunal. Photo: Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ie

RTE’s Paul Reynolds also said he never spoke in negative terms to either commissioner about Maurice McCabe – and that he was never negatively briefed at crime scenes, as suggested by Supt Taylor.

Mr Reynolds said it didn’t make sense and wouldn’t be possible to do so, as they are busy places with lots of people.

Mr Reynolds also stood over his report on February 24th 2014 regarding the O’Mahony investigation into penalty points.

He said he never reported that Sgt McCabe refused to cooperate with the investigation – but that he reported a statement from Garda HQ that he didn’t cooperate.