Did the Gardai get a sweetheart pay deal?

Shane Coleman took George through the Horgan Report on High Noon today.

Garda Associations have criticised the pay review completed by former Labour Court chairman John Horgan, which includes a recommended penalty for taking part in industrial action.

As part of the review, Horgan also looked at current garda earnings across all ranks.

So are the guards treated better financially than we thought? That's what George Hook wanted to know, as he invited Newstalk Breakfast's Shane Coleman on High Noon to discuss the Horgan Report.

According to Horgan, the average pay for all members last year was €63,450, before tax; for a garda, the average annual earning was €63,327, before tax; for a sergeant it was €72,690; for an inspector it was €85,423; for a superintendent it was €87,699; for a chief superintendent it was €101,161.

The Garda Representative Association (GRA) has said that the report notes the reduction in numbers in the force, which have skewed CSO figures on the average garda wage.

Horgan estimates that the value of the Garda pensions bring amounts 80% of pay for the average garda – bringing the value of average garda pay including pension rights to more than €100,000 a year.

Horgan also recommended a severe penalty of a five year ban on pension accrual, be introduced for members of the garda force who go on strike.

Listen to the full interview below.