Dempsey says Fianna Fáil stance is "puzzling"

The former Fianna Fail Minister was speaking to Bobby Kerr today

It has emerged that Fine Gael has agreed to publish all deals made with Independent TDs in return for their support for the government.

The final touches to this agreement will be brought to the parliamentary party meeting this evening.

However, talks with Independents are continuing with some saying that a deal in time for the Dáil to elect a Taoiseach this week is “unlikely".

Former Fianna Fail Minister Noel Dempsey spoke to The Right Hook today saying that there was quite a bit of work yet to be done.

He told Bobby Kerr, “It all depends now on how reasonable the Independents are in their approach to government. If as was being suggested some time back that they pursue policies of just looking after their own area, I don’t think it would take off at all. If they go along the lines of what they claim they will which is that they will work in the national interest, and be more focused on policy than on local interest, I think it has a chance of working.”