Customised, but creepy: Here's how Amazon is changing advertising

The service is trialling personalised ads

Amazon is continuing to build its digital empire. As its offering grows, the company is experimenting with different ways to host adverts. The company has just confirmed that it is currently working on personalised video adverts. 

Managing director at Amazon's software development centre in Edinburgh, Graeme Smith, told the BBC "This is something we've only experimented with at very small scales. I'm not able to share any more details of where, but potentially anywhere you can see a video is potentially somewhere you could consider running personalised video ads, right across the internet."

One example of how it could work is was illustrated by Israel's Idomoo. They created a video for Cadbury's that is customised to feature the viewer's name. 

As it stands, video ads are targeted at users on sites such as YouTube and Facebook based upon what the cookies tell them. Rather than simply using tailored-yet-generic ads, Amazon wants to bring the user into the experience. 

While this is innovative and interesting, some may find it slightly creepy. Would you want your name to appear in an advert? Would be more inclined to buy a box of Milk Tray because a card on the TV is signed with your name?