Could Chef's Table be coming to Ireland?

The producer of Netflix's foodie-hit has been speaking to Newstalk...

The man behind the Netflix hit series, Chef's Table, has hinted that the show could be on the way to Ireland.

Brian McGinn, director and producer of the show - and Netflix's 'Amanda Knox' documentary - joined Bobby's Late Breakfast to talk food.

Having spent a few days travelling around the island, he was impressed with what he saw:

"What I've seen is just a place where the cuisine is kind of on fire right now. There are a lot of young people and people that are a little older who are doing really kind of revolutionary things. I've been all over the country this week. I was in Galway, I was in Belfast, I was in Dublin, kind of just trying to wrap my head around it."

When asked if Ireland might feature on the show he responded:

"I think there's definitely got to be a story here that we should do at some point."

He spoke to Bobby Kerr at Ballymaloe House in Co Cork - which he described as being, "sort of like a magical paradise for food."

The pitch

The original idea for Chef's Table was to create a show where every episode felt "like a film."

It's been a global hit - but the project almost never got off the ground:

"Honestly, no one would even set up meetings for us for two years. It wasn't even that people were turning us down - it's that we couldn't even get in the same room as someone to tell them about the idea," he told Newstalk.

Netflix was the first company which was 'open' to the programme which is now preparing its fourth series.


Brian notes that the international presence of the streaming brand made it a good match for the globe-trotting series.

He gave Newstalk some insights regarding the show's process of finding obscure food stories: "We are constantly scouring the internet, and magazines, and talking to friends, and food friends, about who are the people we should look into."

"A lot of the time what we are looking for is a story which is in a place that you wouldn't expect," he added.

During his sit down with Bobby, Brian also discussed his experiences filming in Russia and his new-found addiction to Irish scones.