Cork South Central: One big name must fall

There's a dog fight on in Cork South Central, where the seats have gone from five to four

Cork South Central: One big name must fall

Party Leader Micheal Martin with Michael McGrath. Image: Sam Boal/

The Cork South Central constituency currently boasts five high-profile TDs but just four seats in the general election.  There's a dog fight on that will see at least one big name TD out of office.

Currently the constituency boats Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin – potentially the first Cork Toaseach since Jack Lynch - and Finance Spokesperson Michael McGrath. Across the chamber there are two Fine Gael TDs who have arguably avoided much of the ire directed towards their party colleagues.

Simon Coveney has maintained a constant yet untarnished presence in the public eye in his role as Minister for Agriculture and Defence.

His party colleague, Jerry Buttimer, had a large, positive profile during the Marriage Equality Referendum debate.

And finally, Ciarán Lych of Labour completes the five. While he faces the massive task of bouncing back from Labour’s poor results in the area in recent local and European elections, Lynch comes to the general election with significant local publicity and praise for his role as Chair of the Banking Inquiry.

It will be, to say the least, interesting.

So who are the challengers?

As with all urban constituencies in this election, Sinn Féin loom large as a major threat to the established parties.

In Cork South Central they are represented by prominent local councillor Donncha O Laoghaire, and they’ll be aiming to pick up a lot of former Labour voters.

There is also Independent candidate Mick Finn, who locals are saying should poll well.

And there’s a whole host of other faces in the mix too – from the AAA to Renua and the Green Party.

Newstalk reporter Richard Chambers visited Cork South Central to meet the candidates and the voters, and on he reported back to us on The Pat Kenny Show.

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