Conor Faughnan: 'Prices have been going up quite nastily, the highest since the end of 2015'

The AA's Director of Consumer Affairs talks to George about the rising prices in petrol and diesel.

It now costs €18 more a month to run your car compared to last year, with the trend for diesel much the same.

And also, what ever happened to Minister Michael Noonan’s plan to have diesel and petrol prices matched?

The AA's Conor Faughnan joined George on High Noon today to discuss the reasons.

'The prices are the highest they've been since the end of 2015' confirmed Faughnan, who remarked that tax will 'always be with us' and continues to take up the bulk of the price.

George, of course, harked back to a time when it cost no more than £5 to fill a car up to the brim, but we're a long way past that now!

You can listen to the full interview by clicking below.