Concern raised over increased violence in Syria

A new report from Concern Worldwide highlights the contagion of violence in Syria

Concern raised over increased violence in Syria

Image via @SaveUKNews on Twitter

A new report from Concern Worldwide highlights civilian's increased exposure to violence in Syria. 

International aid agency Concern Worldwide is today calling on UN member states and donors to urgently increase protection funding and facilitate humanitarian access to help alleviate the suffering of displaced people living in Syria.

Ahead of the sixth anniversary of the Syrian conflict on March 15th, the agency has launched a new report, which highlights civilians’ increased exposure to violence in Syria, not only from the onslaught of war, but from a variety of everyday threats in a society traumatised by conflict.

Concern is also highlighting the $180m shortfall in protection funding for programmes and calls on wealthier governments to do more to help vulnerable Syrians at risk.

The report which is titled Shattered Lives: Protecting civilians in war-torn Syria, a shared responsibility, exposes the contagion of violence that has infected all aspects of Syrian society, resulting in ordinary civilians not feeling safe in any environment. 

The report was launched this afternoon at Twitter EMEA offices in Dublin by Minister of State for the Diaspora and International Development, Mr Joe McHugh. 

Humanitarian assistance

Speaking at the launch, CEO of Concern, Dominic MacSorley said "After six years of war, violence is all pervasive in Syria.

"It is not confined to the bombing, missile attacks and wanton destruction of cities like Aleppo that we witness through news reports, it has seeped into every aspect of Syrian life to the point where Syrians do not feel safe in any environment, not even in their own homes.

"Despite an increasing recognition that protection must form a central pillar of humanitarian response, it remains drastically underfunded with a gap of over 75% of requirements in each of the last two years.

"Without sustained access, humanitarian organisations can only provide limited assistance to people in desperate need. Concern calls on all parties to the conflict to respect international humanitarian law and allow full and unimpeded access to civilians inside Syria.”

Mr MacSorley also stressed that diplomatic solutions must be found for the 13.5 million people in Syria who require humanitarian assistance. 

Mr MacSorley pointed out that Ireland has already provided €70 million to the Syrian crisis, while saying that "Other much wealthier governments can and must do more."