Commissioner: Those who falsified breath tests "will be dealt with"

Noirín O'Sullivan said breath test cases may be referred to GSOC

In a speech today, the Garda Commissioner Noirín O'Sullivan said that either Gardaí put in breathalyser numbers wrong or that they were counted incorrectly.

Addressing mid-ranking Gardaí at the AGSI's annual conference in Killarney, she touched on the recent scandals saying that those involved in falsifying breath tests will be dealt with, and cases will potentially be referred to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC).

Commissioner O’Sullivan said she wanted to hear from conference attendees about how they thought there were 14,700 wrongful convictions and how almost one million breath tests were invented.

"Not about blaming, but learning from past mistakes"

The association has accused Ms O’Sullivan of pre-empting the outcome of current investigations and damaging all gardaí in an unfair way, but the Commissioner insisted her comments were considered.

AGSI President Antoinnette Cunningham told her she did not afford sergeants and inspectors fair procedure while the investigations into what happened were continuing.

Ms O'Sullivan said it was not about blaming anyone but about learning from past mistakes.

Earlier, AGSI General Secretary John Jacob said also there are now so many bodies overseeing the gardaí that it is hard to know who has overall responsibility, but he said if any AGSI members are found to have done something wrong, they will come out and admit it and try to resolve it.

Commission on Gardaí

Meanwhile, the Government has published the draft terms of reference for the commission that will examine the Gardaí, which looks set to look at every aspect of the policing body.

The draft terms say there are concerns about the accountability, leadership, management capacity, and the culture and ethos of the gardaí. It says a fundamental review is needed that will encompass all the functions of the force.

It will be some time before it is known who will serve on this commission, and how long it might take to complete its work.