Coming up on Global Village this weekend

We kick off the show this week by discussing diversity in An Garda Siochana.  We are joined in studio by John O'Keeffe Criminologist & Spokesperson for the Garda Representative Association.  We want to look at how the force can be more inclusive of ethnic minorities and become more representative of our diverse community.

From farmer to international CEO, Adriano Campolina, CEO of ActionAid International joins us to discuss the effort being made globally to have women and women’s organisations pushed to the forefront of our communities.  

Finally it’s that time of year again, Focus Ireland is calling on business leaders to sign up for its annual “Shine A Light Night” sleep out to raise €500,000 in vital funds for its life-line services to tackle homelessness.

All that and more from 7pm on Saturday - tune in or better yet, join in the conversation.