Coming up on Global Village this weekend

We start the show this Saturday night with Mohamedou Ould Slahi, Author of Guantanamo Diary

Mohamedou spent 14 years of his life in captivity at Guantánamo.  His 2015 Guantánamo Diary memoir yielded a new wave of global outrage over the facility and what the detainees were subjected to.  He tells us about all he has been through since his release. 

Dr Brian Tobin lecturer at the School of Law, NUI Galway also joins us on the show to discuss parental rights for same sex couples here in Ireland.   We still don't have crucial parental rights for same-sex married couples and that really needs to change. 

Finally did you know rest is a human’s superpower? Peter Connolly, Occupational Therapist at St John of God's Hospital in Dublin he joins us in studio to tell us why we all need to make time to recharge.

Tune in on Saturday night from 7pm.