Coming up on Global Village this weekend

Up first on the show this week we chat to Riyadh Khalaf  - a YouTube sensation, a BBC presenter and a very important role model for lots of people in the LGBTQI community.

At a time when condoms weren’t readily available, 106 Irish Hemophiliacs were infected with HIV through contaminated blood products - 90% of them died.  One man at the time took it upon himself to give out condoms, this short movie is about him. We are joined in studio by Nora Windeck producer and writer  who has made a short film about The Condom Man.  

Finally ReCreate is a social enterprise making art materials and educational supplies accessible and affordable to every sector of the community for all kinds of creative purposes.  We learn all about how to get involved.  

Tune in from 7pm on Saturday, or better still join in the conversation.