Coming up on Global Village this weekend

We start the show this weekend by getting an update on the devastating weather that is playing havoc on the people of Sri Lanka

We hear about the thousands of people that have been displaced and how we can help them.

Dublin Port has commissioned a series of site-specific public artworks in response to Dublin Port and its relationship with the City.  We are joining in studio by artists and organisers alike to get the latest on the amazing venture.

Sustainable fashion is something we have always done very well here in Ireland from Donegal tweeds to Dingle linens.  Now we can add silk to that - The Ethical Silk Company’s ethos is “based on a business philosophy that puts the human factor first”. We are joining in studio by founder Eva Power to hear more. 

Finally, the students from Belvedere Collage are fundraising once again – they join Dil in studio to chat about heir walk to Galway! 

All that and more from 7pm on Saturday, listen in or better yet join in the conversation!