Coming up on Global Village this weekend

We start the show by looking at Education – it can be a really hard decision for parents to make – what is the best road to take.  One of the options out there is Steiner Schools.  I chat to Christopher Clouder, International Lecturer, Writer & Consultant about this style of educstion.


Up next we are joined in studio by Deirdre Mortell Irelands Social Innovation Fund’s CEO about their new €450,000 Fund.  Also joining us in studio is Marianne Checkley of iScoil who has benefited from Irelands Social Innovation Fund’s.


Finally, do you know if your coffee id ethically sourced?  We are joined by Paul O'Toole, Bewley's Master Roaster and Haris Ulises Lopez Picado, coffee farmer from Soppexcca in Nicaragua to chat about the importance of Fair Trade. 

Join us on Saturday from the later time of 8pm.