Coming up on Global Village this week

We start the show with Nick Henderson, CEO of Irish Refugee Council.  It follows a ruling by the Supreme Court which says the Asylum seekers’ work ban is unconstitutional.  It’s though the decision could have major implications for asylum seekers in Ireland.  We also chat about the recent ESRI report examining the process by which refugees and migrants reunite with their family members in Ireland. is a new website that supports families of gender-diverse and transgender young people.  We are joined in studio by Danika Sharek, Irish Research Council PhD Scholar in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin and Catherine Cross a mum who has experienced her child transitioning. 


Finally as many of you know we are currently in Ramadan.   Under One Tent, is being held from the 9-11th June in St Patrick's Park. It's being organised by young Irish Muslims, who are hoping that the event can bring everyone, of all faiths, beliefs, and walks of life together and educate people about Ramadan etc.


All that and more on Saturday from 7pm. Tune in or better still join in the conversation.