Comas, stand-up, and unfortunate events: Seven things coming to Netflix this January

For a month of staying in, here's what's streaming for your viewing pleasure

Comas, stand-up, and unfortunate events: Seven things coming to Netflix this January

[Joe Lederer / Netflix]

Beyond, streaming from January 3rd

When Holden Matthews wakes from a 12-year coma, he discovers that he has developed new abilities that force him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy he wants no part of. Dealing with a changed world, only remembering what it was like to be a child, while grappling with the mystery of what happened to him, things take an even stranger turn when the mysterious Willa warns him not to trust the people around him.

Growing up Coy, streaming from January 6th

In a rural town in Colorado, a family takes a landmark civil rights case to allow their trans daughter to use the girls toilets in her elementary school after the school administration refuses. The documentary film follows the lives of the Mathis family, with Eric Juhola’s film telling their legal battle to have their daughter Coy’s rights acknowledged by an uncaring school system.

A Series of Unfortunate Events, streaming from January 13th

Coming 13 years after the series of darkly comic children’s novels were adapted for the big screen with an all-star cast, Netflix assembles its own all-star roster for this eight-part TV series telling the miserable fate of the resourceful Baudelaire siblings. Orphaned and forced to live with their distant relative Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris), the trio must try to escape his clutches as he attempts to wrestle their inherited wealth from them in the most despicable ways possible.

You, Me, Her, streaming from January 18th

Billed as the world’s first polyromantic comedy, this American television show revolves around a suburban married couple entering into the first steps of three-way romantic relationship. The series, already renewed for a second and third season, examines polyamorous relationships and stars Priscilla Faia, Greg Poehler, and Rachel Blanchard.

Frontier, streaming from January 20th

This Canadian historical drama explores the early days of the brutal North American fur trade in the 18th century. Game of Thrones alumnus Jason Momoa plays Declan Harp, a half-Irish/half-native American outlaw working to wrestle control away from the Hudson Bay Company’s monopoly on Canada’s lucrative fur industry.

Gad Gone Wild, streaming from January 24th

Considered the Jerry Seinfeld of his native France, French funnyman Gad Elmaleh is the country’s biggest star on its stand-up scene. But having conquered the francophone world, Elmaleh took it upon himself to depart for New York, brushing up on his English skills and trying to find a way to express his comedy to an audience completely unfamiliar with him. In the first of two stand-up specials ordered by Netflix, Elmaleh mixes French, English, and Arabic to share his wry experiences as a Frenchie in the US.

Riverdale, streaming from January 27th

While relatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic, Archie Comics publishes some of the best-known serial stories in the US, including Archie, Betty & Veronica, and Josie & the Pussycats. This new subversive take on the comics’ fictional setting of Riverdale promises to explore small-town life, including the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath the wholesome all-American facade.

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