Colm O'Regan: 'If you're a moderate swearer here, you're like a marine in the US'

The author of 'Bolloxology' joined George Hook on High Noon today.

New research from the University of Cambridge last week claimed that people who refrain from swearing are often devious and dishonest. By contrast, aficionados of effing and blinding are most likely to be the most honest in any given group.

We must be a very honest country then, considering the level of swearing in everyday life in Ireland.

George was joined on High Noon by Colm O'Regan, comedian and author of 'Bolloxology', who believes there are merits to being someone who is prone to the odd profanity.

He was also struck by just how much we do swear in Ireland.

'If you're a moderate swearer here in Ireland, you're like a marine in the US.'

He remarked that you really notice it when you come back from being abroad.

You can hear George and Colm by clicking below.