Collapse: An end of the world simulator

The realistic mini-game is tied in with the release of new Tom Clancy video-game

Every wondered what it might be like if you were single-handedly responsibly for the end of the world as we know it?

Well, wonder no more!

To tie in with the release of a new video game Tom Clancy's The Division, producers Ubisoft have released Collapse, which essentially shows you what would happen to the world if you were patient zero for a weaponised virus.

Click on the link here, type in your home address, and follow the instructions as follows.

The game will ask you which hospital you might go to if you began to feel unwell, which pharmacy you might head to in order to pick up your meds, which country you might fly out to if your home country became unstable, and just how quickly all of those actions would ultimately result in society's apocalypse.

Based on Open Street Map, NASA open source data and IATA Flight routes, with input from emergency risk specialists and public service employees, Collapse features more than 3800 cities worldwide, home of 95% of the population. The user can compare different scenarios by choosing another epicenter or by making different choices in the simulator, and find the most vulnerable and the safest cities.