Cocktails on the Tom Dunne Show: Peroni Spritz

Oisin Davis brings a new beer cocktail into the studio, the second installment for 'Febrewary'...

This week, Oisin Davis of Great Irish Beverages introduces us to the Peroni Spritz.

Oisin says: "Week 2 of 'Febrewary' is upon us! Where, Tom, Rory and I boldly go where no Newstalk radio show has ever gone before - making and drinking beer cocktails live on air, all in the name of science and personal gratification....

When it comes to cocktails that feature beer, or hop-tails as they are often known as, they rarely get more tasty or refreshing than the Peroni Spritz. It's the perfect balance of a lively prosecco, zingy and super fresh grapefruit, bitter Campari and the hop driven Peroni. It's lightness on the palette and alcohol levels, means that you can enjoy it any time.

The fella who came up with the drink and who very kindly shared its secrets with me, is Federico Riezzo. He's a native of Italy who works as an Irish ambassador for Peroni and is a genius for mixing drinks and telling superb one liner bartender jokes. Ciao Fede!"


120 ml Peroni

30 ml Aperol 

50 ml pink grapefruit juice 

50 ml prosecco 


Combine all ingredients in a large wineglass with some ice and stir gently for a few seconds. Garnish with a pink grapefruit slice.