Cocktails on the Tom Dunne Show: Gunpowder Euro Infusion

This week's Euro 2016 cocktail takes us to sunny Spain, and it's got a mighty kick!

The second cocktail in our Euro 2016 series takes us to Spain, and it already looks like a serious contender to take the tournament.

Oisin Says: 

So in continuing our theme of taking inspiration from different Euro 2016 countries for this month's cocktails, let us cast our thirsty eyes in the direction of Spain....
These lads are previous world cup winners so I'm sure they're likely candidates to win it outright. 
And when it comes to drinks, in addition to all those nice Riojas, they're really into their gin.
Biggest consumers of gin in Europe actually! That's why I'm rolling out a gin based cocktail but mixed with Licor 43, a very tasty Spanish liqueur.
The gin I'm using is Gunpowder made in the Shed Distillery in Drumshanbo in Leitrim, Connaght's first ever gin and one of the 8 Irish gins we're working with for Irish Gin & Tonic Fest.
It's named after an old Chinese green tea called Gunpowder which is a botanical in the gin itself. It compliments the Mediterranean fruits in Licor 43 perfectly!



  • 30 ml Gunpowder Gin 
  • 20 ml Licor 43 
  • 10 ml elderflower cordial 
  • 20 ml lemon juice 
  • egg white 


Chill a coupe or martini glass with some ice. Place all ingredients in a shaker. Seal it and shake it for 10 seconds to get it all frothy. Then take off the lid and fill it with ice, seal again and shake hard for 10 seconds. Remove ice from the glass and shake hard for 10 seconds, strain. Garnish with an orange twist. 


Oisin will be making the cocktail live on the Tom Dunne Show, tonight from 10pm