Ciara Kelly: 'It's judgmental to say someone can't be a first time parent at 64'

George Hook locked horns with Ciara Kelly on High Noon today, after news that Dame Julia Peyton-Jones would be a first time Mum at 64..

Dame Julia Peyton-Jones, who made her name as director of the Serpentine Galleries for 25 years, has become a mother for the first time at the age of 64; thus sparking the idea that ‘retirement babies’ may be the future.

George is not impressed, and his favourite doctor Ciara Kelly joined him on High Noon to challenge him, saying there's nothing wrong with it.

"The reality is; 40% of pregnant women are over 35 . 7% are over 40. Only 6% are under 24. This is the new normal."

Ciara thinks we are a bit fascist as a society about it; judging women if they are older having babies, but you could be 24 and totally irresponsible and 40 and have your life sorted. She reckons it's important to remember that with age comes wisdom, experience and often financial security.

George had many concerns, and Ciara didn't think it amount to anything more than scaremongering. She maintains that it's not always a choice, and perhaps they can't take the time out of work, haven’t met the right guy, or aren’t in the right financial position.

Listen to the full interview by clicking below.