Church of Scientology to open national affairs office in Dublin

The new premises was purchased for €400,000

Church of Scientology to open national affairs office in Dublin

General view of the Scientology Hubbard Foundation building in Los Angeles | Image: Ian West / PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Church of Scientology is to open a national affairs office in the centre of the capital.

The new premises, at 4 Merrion Square, was purchased in June 2015 for €400,000.

The group says a national affairs office is "unusual" - as there is only one similar facility in Washington, DC.

It claims the purpose is to promote Scientology's "fourth dynamic", or "4D" campaigns which purport to help mankind.

The controversial group - who count US actor Tom Cruise among its high-profile members - has been at the centre of several documentaries.


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Most recently, Louis Theroux's 'My Scientology Movie' is to not receive a theatrical release in Irish cinemas.

A piece last year claimed there is a form of "bullying and gangsterism" in the organisation.

Former member Pete Griffiths joined the Church of Scientology after his brother and ex-wife got involved in it.

"I knew it was a cult, I'd been told all these things - however when you don't see harm coming to people that you know and love, your fears are allayed somewhat", he told Newstalk Breakfast last year.

"My job was to get people in, so I had to do these stress tests and the personality tests and then try and sell people something.

"The aim is to make you feel so bad, that you will buy what they have to offer".