Gift guide: Festive joy for €50 or less

Who says you can't buy peoples affections this Christmas?!

Got a fifty bob note burning a hole in your pocket and someone special in mind you still haven't found something quite right for? Here's where we come in. Below you'll find a bunch of great gift ideas that won't totally break the bank, and generally give you change from €50...

Wine decanter & glasses

If you're visiting friends or family for dinner over the period and know they enjoy a tipple or two of, you could go one better than supplying a mere bottle of plonk and get something that will last longer than one evening. This wine decanter and two glass set not only looks stylish enough to lend a touch of glass to any table, it will also give your drink the chance to breathe, fully unfurling it's bouquet in a way it couldn't if it was sat in a bottle, and all that jazz... It's €50 on the button from

Breville blender

An altogether healthier option on the beverage front. This Breville blender ccomes with two 600ml and two 300ml blending bottles that are all perfect for grabbing once your smoothie is  so the whole family can enjoy your delicious creations, and is even suitable for crushing ice. The bottles fit most car and bike cup holders so you can take your refreshing concoctions on the road with you. It was €52 from Debenhams, but currently going for €32.50.


Guinness Storehouse Tour For Two

One that's not just for the drinkers, such is the historic, impressive nature of the place on Dublin's quays with the 9,000-year lease. It's an outing that has to be experienced if you're in Dublin but as is often the case if you've been living in the place, or the island as a whole, for your entire life, there's a fair chance it's a tourist-y thing you never got around to doing. As such, it's a great gift to give someone else. Adult tickets cost €14, while a family ticket (two adults and four children) comes in at €48.50. That includes a complementary drink for everyone in the Gravity Bar (of the soft variety for any kids, of course). Go to for more.


Butlers 750g Irish Handmade Chocolates

Another very Irish tradition (and delicious in a different way). Butler's have been making incredibly moreish chocolates since the early '30s and they've got the artform essentially perfected at this point.

This selection for €41.50 includes over 50 treats, with milk chocolate almond crunch, white chocolate flake and dark chocolate cerise au Kirsch among the choices. All that good stuff. Starting to feel hungry, so let's move on.

Mega Drive Classic Game Console

Everyone's been going crazy for the NES Classic Edition, which is more or less impossible to get your hands on before Christmas at this point, but an awesome alternative – and preferred choice for thousands of Sonic heads out there – is the Mega Drive Classic. Packing 16 bits, it's double the computing power of its retro rival, sure!

The console comes equipped with 80 classic Mega Drive titles and two controllers and is €64.99 from Smyth's... Slightly above the €50 budget but surely worth it for the joy it can bring!