Children sexting is the product of an idiotic culture

Brenda Power believes an attitude exists in society whereby sharing nude photos of yourself is seen as ok.

The ISPCC’s director of services Caroline O’Sullivan yesterday shared the example of one case which involved a nine-year-old child sending nude pictures of herself to her classmates, to the boys in her class.

She explained that for this girl...”in this particular case, that was what she thought would have been expected.”

Daily Mail and Sunday Times columnist, and mother, Brenda Power, was horrified as she spoke to George about the issue today, and doesn't believe parents are paying enough attention to what children do online.

'This whole trend is informed by porn.  Parents have their heads in the sand. They're almost sleepwalking into this destructive culture.'

'The message that kids of that age are getting from their influential peers, is that you are free to send nude photos of yourself.  It's a result of this nonsensical, idiotic attitude that says you can send nude photos of yourself, and if someone else does something bad with them, that's their bad.'

George and Brenda also weren't convinced that children should be given a mobile phone, unless they have the maturity to use it correctly and stay safe.

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