Can you reform politics so much that you actually break it?

What if the madness of Donald Trump is not about the madness of Donald Trump, but that he is merely the inevitable result of a broken political system in America .

And what if that system was broken by reformers that the very efforts made to fix the problems of politics actually destroyed it. And, what if we in Ireland are doing the very same thing- that will have the very same result. That the Dail will end up like Congress unable to pass a budget because there are no votes in governance. Reformation becomes destruction.

On today's panel are,

  • Professor Liam Kennedy, Director of the Clinton Institute at UCD.
  • Terry Prone, Chair of the Communications Clinic.
  • Dr Karen Devine, lecturer in International Relations in the School of Law and Government at DCU.
  • Johnny Fallon, political analyst with Carr Communications.