Can we not have one sacred day where we're not out shopping?

Columnist Brenda Power can't believe we can't take a day off from consumerism.

In the UK over the past few weeks a campaign to keep shops closed on December 26th has been gathering pace.

Hundreds of thousands of Britons signed a petition calling on the Prime Minister to ban shops from opening their doors on Dec 26th to allow retail workers to enjoy the festive season.

Sunday Times and Daily Mail columnist Brenda Power has noticed this, and told George today on High Noon of her frustration that we can't even have one sacred day in this country where shops aren't open.

"St Stephens Day shopping is about greed, selfishness and money.  Who needs to go shopping on December 26th? What is so important? Maybe it is time we stopped to ask ourselves, what on earth is the rush? Could it not just wait a further 24 hours?"

Listen to the full interview below.