#CES2017: The belt that ensures your phone is always charged

One of the thousands of products on display at CES in Las Vegas

As I walked through the south hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre yesterday afternoon, one product caught my eye straight away. It was the Battery Belt

The name of the product tells you all you need to know really, but Go Wear Tech Inc president and CEO Mark Baluha told me where the idea came from.

"I've been manufacturing products for 30 years. I spend a lot of my time in airports, watching people cruising around looking for outlets to charge their phones. This idea came to us about 6 years ago. We just wanted to offer the convenience of access to power for your smartphone." 

"What we've developed is a range of belts and straps that incorporate 5 - 25,000 mAh of power," continues Baluha. "It only adds from 6 to 12 oz of weight to your body. It gives you power whenever you need it. It operates on USB, so is compatible with pretty much any device."

This image shows just how neat the Battery Belt for women is. There is just a slight bulge on the right side, in which the battery pack sits. It's very discreet. 

The company has worked to expand it's range of products, now offering more heavy duty Battery Belts for police and military personnel.