#CES2017: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the wrinkliest of them all?

New smart-mirror can scan your face and identify wrinkles, spots and pores

Upon first glance, the new HiMirror Plus may read like a novelty gift that's bad for your self esteem, but it appears that there are multiple, practical uses for it. 

The HiMirror Plus takes a scan of your face to identify wrinkles, spots, pores, fine lines and brightness levels. This may sound like a list of things you'd rather ignore, but the idea is that this mirror will track your skin to ensure the beauty products you use are right for your skin. The mirror also provides a skin rating out of 100. 

The Plus version of the mirror can simulate lighting scenarios, such as a bright office or a supermarket, ensuring your make-up is evenly applied and looks good no matter where you are.

The device can also store 14,000 photos and supports up to six different users. Ensuring you get value for your money, the Hi Mirror Plus can also stream music from Spotify or YouTube. 


The HiMirror Plus is available for pre-order now for the US price of $259.