#CES2017: Meet the robot that wants to join your family

Kuri the robot is a product by Mayfield Robotics, a Bosch startup

The Consumer Electronics Show is taking place this week in Las Vegas. Firms from around the world are taking over the city to showoff their latest innovations and technological developments. One such development that has made waves already it Kuri, the robot that wants to join your family.  

After two years of development, Mayfield Robotics has unveiled its home robot, Kuri. This Wall:E looking device will be available to those living in the US this year. With a price tag of $699, it doesn’t come cheap, but has many different functions.

Kuri has a built-in HD camera, allowing owners to check in on their homes or pets if they’re away. There’s four microphones, dual speakers and Wifi connectivity, meaning Kuri can play music or even read stories.

Mayfield consulted with Doug Dooley, an animator at Pixar Animation Studios for more than 13 years, to help bring the robot to life. The company says the robot’s personality is an important factor. 

“If you’re a little off in that social connection, the robot becomes more of a utility,” says Mayfield Robotics CEO Mike Beebe. “And that’s not so awesome.”