#CES2017: From smart light bulbs and hairbrushes to virtual reality shoes

Some of the weird and wonderful tech on display at CES, Las Vegas

While there's a whole host a serious tech innovation on display here at CES, Las Vegas, it's always fun to take a look a the weird and wonderful technology being unveiled.

For example: would you want a light bulb that can monitor your movements or a smart hairbrush that can give you some tips? Well these are just some of the new devices on offer. 

Bell & Wyson bulb

I’m not too sure how I feel about this one, but this is a light bulb made by Bell & Wyson that has a surveillence camera concealed within it. The idea is that this bulb will create a video stream of everything that is going on in your home, which you can then watch on your smartphone, regardless of where you are in the world. Its makers say it will help identify burglars.

Hair Coach

I walked around the beauty-tech section yesterday, and they were still putting the final touches to their displays, but I came across a smart hair-brush. You may well wonder if or indeed why you’d need a smart hair brush, but this product is the brainchild of Keratase and Withings, the tech giant – in conjunction with the L’Oreal Research and Innovation Tech Incubator.

It’s called the Hair Coach and it uses a bunch of sensors to identify hair damage and can offer feedback to users on how to protect their hair and even offer some tips on brushing technique!

Fridge Cam

This is something that I know I would love to have myself. It’s called Fridge Cam – and you can probably guess what it does. It sits inside your fridge and can track expiry dates on food. It will then notify you when your food needs to be eaten or thrown away. You can also see inside your fridge when you’re in the supermarket, to see what you need and don’t!

VR shoes

Without doubt, the strangest thing I've seen so far has to be the virtual reality shoes by Cerevo. You place your feet into two very large pieces of plastic, then put your VR headset on and play your games or whatever you’re doing. These VR shoes give you haptic feedback and simulate the sensation or walking on different types of surfaces. 

I didn’t give it a go myself, but the set up is huge – I can’t imagine having VR shoes as part of my gaming paraphernalia, the VR set-up is big enough without them. That being said, those who did try it yesterday said that it created a more immersive experience, so this may well take off!