#CES2017: Fisher Price's new gadget makes children work for their TV time

Think & Learn Smart Cycle was unveiled at the tech conference in Las Vegas

You may think it's all giant TVs and driverless cars, but there is certainly no shortage of kid's tech on display here at CES. Everything from baby monitors that can check the air quality and give parents a 360 view of the baby’s bedroom to a device that makes kids work for their TV time is on display.  

Fisher Price has unveiled a new product this week – and it’s safe to say, it’s one of their more “high-end” toys. It’s called the “Think & Learn Smart Cycle”, and it’s an exercise bike with a tablet holder tacked onto the handlebar.

The bike is aimed at 3 to 6 year olds and allows children to interact with gaming apps whilst peddling. The Smart Cycle comes with one free app and works with four others, including SpongeBob SquarePants and Shimmer and Shine apps .

The included app features an age-appropriate curriculum based on maths, science and social studies.