Bus Éireann strike: What are the alternatives?

Staff at the company are going on indefinite strike

Bus Éireann strike: What are the alternatives?

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Bus Éireann staff are on strike over cost-cutting at the company.

SIPTU members say they will "not accept the destruction of a public service which is essential in connecting communities".

While Iarnród Éireann say there will be "significant disruption" to Intercity rail services on Friday, due to picketing associated with the Bus Éireann dispute.

A number of Intercity rail services are affected.

Barry Kenny is communications manager at Irish Rail.

He told Newstalk Breakfast earlier workers not crossing the picket line is part of the problem.

"There is that and there is also the view that the picketing is being done in a different manner to that which has happened previously.

"Obviously we do have areas where both Iaranrod Éireann and Bus Éireann have a presence, but in previous situations where one of those organisations has been involved in industrial action the other has been able to access their own workplace - that isn't the case today", he said.

Friday's late night match specials from Heuston to Cork/Galway will operate.

However there will be limited services on the following routes:

- Dublin/Cork

- Dublin/Galway

 - Dublin/Sligo

- Dublin/Waterford

- Dublin/Rosslare

- Dublin/Limerick Junction only

Cork Route: 
- Cork/Heuston & Cork Commuter services have resumed to schedule.
- 12:00hrs Heuston/Cork is cancelled.
- 23:15hrs  Heuston to Cork (match special) will operate serving Portlaoise, Lim Junction, Charleville & Mallow.

Limerick Route: 
- No services operating to/from Limerick Station.
- Customers can travel from Dublin or Cork to/from Limerick Junction.

Tralee Route: 
-  Limited and curtailed service operating.
- 13:05hrs, 17:05hrs & 19:05hrs Tralee to Mallow services will operate.
- 15:18hrs, 17:35hrs & 21:24hrs Mallow to Tralee services will operate.
- 17:05hrs Heuston to Tralee will operate.

Waterford Route: 
- 11:00hrs & 18:25hrs Waterford to Heuston will operate from Kilkenny only.
- 13:05hrs, 14:50hrs, 16:00hrs & 16:25hrs Waterford to Heuston services are cancelled.
- 13:15hrs, 16:15hrs, 16:40hrs, 17:35hrs & 18:35hrs Heuston to Waterford services are cancelled.
- 15:10hrs Heuston to Kilkenny will operate.
- 17:40hrs & 20:10hrs Heuston to Carlow services will operate.
- 21:35hrs Carlow to Heuston will operate.

Sligo Route:
- Limited and curtailed service operating
- 11:05hrs will operate to Boyle only.
- 11:00hrs, 13:00hrs & 18:00hrs Sligo to Connolly services are cancelled.
- 13:05hrs, 15:05hrs, 16:00hrs & 17:05hrs Connolly to Sligo services are cancelled.
- 15:00hrs Sligo to Connolly will operate from Boyle at 15:33hrs.
- 17:15hrs & 18:05hrs Connolly/Longford will operate.

Galway Route:
- 11:05hrs, 17:20hrs & 19:20hrs Galway to Heuston services will operate.
- 11:45hrs & 17:45hrs Heuston to Athlone serving Portarlington, Tullamore, Clara.
- 13:05hrs, 14:40hrs & 15:05hrs Galway to Heuston services are cancelled.
- 13:25hrs, 15:35hrs, 16:30hrs & 19:35hrs Heuston to Galway services will operate.
- 15:30hrs Athlone to Heuston  serving all stations to Portarlington and will then run non-stop to Heuston.
- 17:30hrs & 18:30hrs Heuston to Galway services are cancelled.
- 18:10hrs & 22:15hrs Galway to Athlone services will operate.
- 23:25hrs Heuston to Galway (match special) will operate.

Westport Route:
- 12:45hrs, 14:45hrs, 17:10hrs & 18:15hrs Heuston to Westport services will operate.
- 13:10hrs &18:15hrs Westport to Heuston services will operate.

Rosslare Route:
- 12:55hrs Rosslare to Connolly is cancelled.
- 13:36hrs Connolly to Rosslare will operate.
- 16:37hrs & 18:38hrs Connolly to Rosslare services are cancelled.
- 17:36hrs Connolly to Wexford will operate
- 17:55hrs Rosslare to Connolly will operate.

There will be no services on the following routes:

- Limerick to Limerick Junction

- Waterford to Limerick Junction

- Limerick to Galway

- Limerick to Ballybrophy via Nenagh

DART, Commuter, Westport, Belfast routes are currently operating as normal.

But for those who rely on Bus Éireann, there are alternatives out there.

Newstalk.com has compiled a list of some of the other bus and rail services that serve the country.



 More info



Aircoach Services running from St Patricks Quay to Dublin city and the airport http://www.aircoach.ie/  
From €12.00 one way
Citylink Services from Cork Airport and Cork city to Galway and Limerick http://www.citylink.ie/   From €17.10 one way  
Dublin Coach Services from St Patrick's Quay to Dublin (City, airport and Red Cow) http://www.dublincoach.ie   €20 one way  
GoBus Services from Cork (Parnell Place) to Dublin City (Busaras) http://www.gobus.ie   €14 one way  
Irish Rail Services running from Cork (Kent) to Dublin - see disruptions above http://www.irishrail.ie/   From €19.99 one way  


Dublin Coach Services from city centre, Annacoyty and UL to Dublin (city, airport and Red Cow) http://dublincoach.ie   From € 10.00 one way  
Eireagle by Citylink Services from Arthurs Quay and Castletroy to Dublin Airport http://www.eireagle.com   From €23 one way  
Citylink Services from Henry Street and Raheen to Cork and Galway http://www.citylink.ie/   From €19 one way  
Irish Rail Services running from Limerick (Colbert) to Dublin - see disruptions above http://www.irishrail.ie/   From €9.99 one way  


GoBus Runs daily service from Galway to Dublin City, with extra services at weekends http://www.gobus.ie   €13 one way  
Eireagle by Citylink Runs daily from Galway city (New Coach Station) through Dubllin city to the airport http://www.eireagle.com/   From €13 one way  
Irish Rail Services running from Galway Ceant to Dublin - see disruptions above http://www.irishrail.ie/   From €17.99 one way  


All Dublin Bus services are expected to operate as normal          
All Irish Rail services are expected to operate as normal, including DART          
All Luas services will be operating as normal          
Dublin Coach Services from Dublin city centre to Cork, Clare, Kerry, Waterford, Portlaoise, Kildare, Waterford and Limerick http://www.dublincoach.ie/      
Citylink Services from Dublin city centre (Aston Quay) to Atlone, Galway, Kinnegad, etc http://www.citylink.ie/      
GoBus Services from Dublin city to Cork and Galway http://www.gobus.ie   From €14 one way  
Aircoach Service from Dublin city centre to Cork (Patrick's Quay) http://www.aircoach.ie/   €12 one way