'Building walls when you're trying to make trade deals is a maniac's strategy' - Brian Hayes

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes wonders about America's future relationship with the EU, while also having his say on the public pay disputes here at home.

'For the first time since the 1930s, Europe does not know where it stands with the United States.'

This was the issue as George saw it, as he invited Fine Gael MEP for Dublin Brian Hayes on to High Noon to discuss the potential fallout for Europe as a result of a Donald Trump US Presidency.

Hayes would like things to be clarified as soon as possible.

'You can't go building walls when you're trying to do trade deals.  That's a maniac's strategy.'  The US stance under Trump is understandably still unclear with the property tycoon being elected as US President not even 48 hours ago.  However, it seems things might get problematic if he follows through with some of the strategies he was putting forward during his election campaign.

Hayes was also asked what he makes of the public pay disputes here in Ireland.

'I know the Government are committed to a national strategy on pay in the public service, and they can't deviate from that.  We can't have a situation where there are copycat strikes every day.'

Listen to the full interview below.