Bringing children’s stories to life: Danish company produces Augmented Reality Book

This new technology could be influential in the future of books

Danish company ‘Books & Magic’ will officially launch Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale ‘The Little Mermaid’ in Augmented Reality book form tomorrow.

A 3D animated game universe pops out of the book’s pages when used alongside a mobile device. The book looks just like any other storybook but it's digitally interactive. Their app recognises colour images in the book and opens a three dimensional universe on the pages of the book. The child can then listen to the story and solve puzzles and play games from within the universe.

Founder and CEO of ‘Books and Magic’, Mark Dalby Folkenberg explains the benefits of the AR books

“It is a new way for parents and children to read together, and the experience often intrigues the desire for more reading aloud in general. We make children curious on what is hidden in the text by highlighting the fantasy world behind the book.” 

The Little Mermaid can either be bought as a book here or through the iOS and Android app that works without the book, using in-app purchases.