Brenda Power: 'Mums with buggies have a huge sense of self-importance'

The Sunday Times and Daily Mail columnist joined George on High Noon today

Brenda Power has encountered a huge sense of entitlement from women with buggies, believe that they can be stupid and dangerous, assuming people will get out of their way, not even ask you to let them by, and act incredibly superior. 

It comes as UK Mothers with baby buggies will be made to give up space on buses for wheelchair users.

It follows a landmark legal ruling brought by a disabled man after a woman pushing a pram refused to move for him.

Brenda also believes buggy pushers are often happy to block the aisle of supermarkets, whereas if anyone else left a trolley there, people would go mad.

She maintains the self entitlement is merely 'just because they've reproduced'.

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