Breakthrough Media Moments - Richard Nixon and his dog 'Checkers'

Jack Murray from brand storytelling agency All Good Tales talks about the impact Nixon's pet dog had on the future of US Politics

In 1952, after 20 years without power, the Republican Party nominated candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower for President.

Eisenhower offered Richard Nixon the chance to run alongside him for vice presidency, a challenge the young senator took with gusto.

Nixon’s aggressive tactics gained huge traction with the voters, and deeply unsettled the Democrats, but just 2 months before polling day, the wheels came off his campaign.

Nixon was accused of pocketing $18,000 for himself from a fund set up by wealthy supporters.

The two decided Nixon would make a speech outlining every detail of the fund.

Nixon went to LA and used the new medium of Television to speak directly to the people. and during this speech, a dog named 'Checkers', changed everything.

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