'Breakthrough - Communcations Moments That Changed the World' - The Dawn of Youtube

Jack Murray from brand storytelling agency All Good Tales talks about the impact a trip to the zoo had on the future of communications

In early 2005, two old high school friends, Jawed Karim and Yakov Lapitsky, reunited in California to pay a visit to San Diego zoo.

While they were there, they paused for a moment at the elephant habitat to observe the two female elephants munching on alfalfa hay. Jawed gave his companion a handheld video camera and took a spot in front of the elephants where he spoke about them to the camera.

Jawed can still remember the frustration of waiting for videos to buffer on Windows Media Player. So he, along with Steve and Chad, decided to focus efforts on solving this issue and set about creating a website that accommodated the easy sharing, streaming and searching of all types of video file.

They called this website YouTube. At 8:27pm, on April 23, 2005, Jawed uploaded the first video to the website. It was the brief piece to camera he had done at the zoo earlier that year. He simply entitled it ‘Me at the zoo’.

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