Breakthrough: Media Moments That Changed The World - When David Icke said he was the Son of God

Jack Murray of tells Ciara about the time David Icke dropped a strange bombshell on Terry Wogan.

In the latest column we focus on how answering a simple question, however confidently, can lead to a gleaming public reputation being destroyed almost instantly.

During the mid 1960’s, David Icke was happily playing football as a goalkeeper for his secondary school team but making little effort with his academic studies. He left formal education at the earliest opportunity after being talent scouted for Coventry City’s youth squad. He spent several spells away from Coventry on loan before making his professional debut in 1971 with Hereford United.

Unfortunately, his professional career was short-lived. At the age of just 21, he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis throughout the lower half of his body. Despite being in nearly constant during training session Icke managed to continue to play part-time with Hereford twice a week and spend the rest of his time working in a travel agents. Eventually, the pain became so great that he was shortly forced to retire from the game altogether.

With his qualifications in journalism, he then set out on a media career.

After a few years giving concise sports analysis, he was terminated by the BBC is 1990 for comments on Thatcher's Tory Government, Icke wanted to get back on national television to spread his new message to the world and was given the chance to do so when he was invited on Wogan.

Here's what happened.

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