Breakthrough: Media Moments That Changed The World - Princess Diana speaks to the BBC in 1995

Jack Murray of tells George about the Royal interview that shook the world, and nobody saw it coming.

On 20 November 1995, more than 23 million people tuned in to watch a special episode of BBC’s Panorama, an investigative current affairs and documentary programme.

It featured an interview with Martin Bashir and Princess Diana, filmed two weeks earlier at Kensington Palace. At the time of the interview, Charles and Diana were separated and lived separate lives, both very much in the public eye.

Only a small group of people knew that this BBC interview was happening.

During the hour-long interview, the princess spoke openly for the first time about her separation from Charles, the Prince of Wales. Diana claimed to be a victim of palace backstabbing and of Palace attempts to paint her in public as being mentally unwell.

The most memorable question and one that would change Diana’s life revolved around Camilla Parker Bowells.

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