Breakthrough: Media Moments That Changed The World - How one response from Kevin Keegan changed football forever

Jack Murray of tells George how Kevin Keegan lost his cool in a way that would never be forgotten

When you feel under pressure, your emotions can often get the better of you. And when you wear your heart on your sleeve, you’re liable to blow a fuse at any moment.

This story is about one of those moments.

It was about 10pm on Monday April 29th 1996. Kevin Keegan was the manager of Newcastle United. He had just watched his team beat Leeds United one nil, thanks to a seventeenth minute goal from Keith Gillespie.

Keegan’s side were leading the race for the premier league title. It was a huge achievement considering they had only been promoted to the top tier of English football four years previously.

However, things were far from perfect.

As the interview progresses, Keegan began to look more and more annoyed. Eventually, Richard Keyes suggested that Ferguson’s mind games were part and parcel of the game. By now, Keegan was shaking with rage. His response was about to change football forever.

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