Breakthrough: Media Moments That Changed The World - How Walter Cronkite broke the news of the death of JFK

Jack Murray of tells George how Walter Cronkite handled having to deliver the news of John F Kennedy's assassination.

As the soapy drama was bubbling on screen, Water Cronkite was in CBS’ Studio 57, in New York City, preparing to anchor the main Evening News.

The United Press teletype machine ticked out some news that immediately caught the attention of news editor Ed Bliss. It was a huge story. Bliss shouted the news across the room. An experienced broadcaster, Cronkite leaped from his desk to get on the air.

He sat at the news desk in a shirt and tie but without his usual coat. He was surrounded by rotary telephones, typewriters, a clutter of papers, and a lone apple that sat on the front edge of the desk.

One hour after the first dramatic news flash came through the wires that President Kennedy was shot at, press officer Malcolm Kilduff released the news that everybody dreaded.

It was up to Walter Cronkite had to break the news.

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