Breakthrough: Media Moments That Changed The World - How Ellen DeGeneres broke Twitter with a selfie

Jack Murray of tells Ciara about the time Ellen hosted the Oscars and tweeted a selfie seen around the world

Sometimes a moment comes along that inexplicably captures the imagination of the entire world.  It can be the smallest thing with no intended consequence, yet shows us so much about who we are. This week’s moment, the Oscar Selfie, is one of these moments that shows the power of self.

People are obsessed with selfies. The popularity of apps like Snapchat means that you can now communicate with someone solely using images of your face with a text overlay. You can easily show the world what you’re up to, without having to pass someone a digital camera to take the photo for you.

On the 2nd March 2014, host Ellen DeGeneres, welcomed some of the world’s most famous faces to the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Ellen jokes about during her opening speech and even orders pizza for the guests!

Then Ellen stops off by Meryl Streep to take a photo to celebrate her record-breaking 18th Oscar nomination. But Ellen wanted to break a record of her own - for the most retweeted photo of all time.

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